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Messaging Map

What We Do and Why It Matters

To articulate our story and build on our positioning, we must define and prioritize the university’s messages. Our key messages are organized in a hierarchy through attributes and benefits mapping.

Attributes and Benefits Mapping: Building A Story

What We Offer: Attributes
An attribute is what we offer to our audiences. Attributes include the products, services, knowledge and unique offers that we bring to the table.

What They Get: Benefits
A benefit is what our audiences get. It’s the value of the attributes that we offer, the answer to the question “so what?” or “why do we care?”

Core Message
The most concise articulation of our role in the world.

Messagin map guide, which is explained in the text above on this page.

Our Messaging Map is broad enough to capture the full range of ideas we must communicate and the stories we need to tell.