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Messaging Platform


How We’re Distinct
In the crowded higher ed marketplace, it’s critical to distinguish any institution. Yet, many institutions can authentically say many of the same messages. It’s important to identify the intersection point of our offer that truly stands out.

What wed do chart is explained below on the page
What We Do
Interconnected academics, creative learning, research and exploration

Where We Do It
In one of the most culturally diverse and environmentally significant regions in the world

How We Do
It Through rigorous pursuit of ideas with a nonconformist and creative spirit

Why It Matters
Because we can improve the human condition by addressing global problems of dramatic proportion

Messaging Map

What We Do and Why It Matters

To articulate our story and build on our positioning, we must define and prioritize the university’s messages. Our key messages are organized in a hierarchy through attributes and benefits mapping.

Attributes and Benefits Mapping: Building A Story

What We Offer: Attributes
An attribute is what we offer to our audiences. Attributes include the products, services, knowledge and unique offers that we bring to the table.

What They Get: Benefits
A benefit is what our audiences get. It’s the value of the attributes that we offer, the answer to the question “so what?” or “why do we care?”

Core Message
The most concise articulation of our role in the world.

Messagin map guide, which is explained in the text above on this page.

Our Messaging Map is broad enough to capture the full range of ideas we must communicate and the stories we need to tell.


We must ensure that the brand’s core message resonates with our primary audiences. We prioritized these varied audiences and identified the messages for each.

Audience chart of people who receive messages from Tulane.

The Tulane Community

  • Objectives Unify and build alignment
  • Create alignment with and energy for the brand story. Inspire internal audiences, loyal alumni and passionate donors to connect them to the vision and message.

Tulane Prospects

  • Introduce and attract
  • Attract, recruit and retain the right students, faculty and researchers (and encourage donors) by creating an understanding of who Tulane is and what it stands for.

The Underengaged

  • Reengage and boost pride
  • Reestablish connections to Tulane that are deep, meaningful and emotional. Bring those who have become disconnected along with the vision for where Tulane is going, so that they feel included.

Influential Leaders

  • Generate support and investment
  • Establish a strong reputation within markets, boosting overall visibility and a more widespread appreciation for Tulane’s work and reach.

The Public

  • Shape perceptions and inform
  • Build awareness and visibility, strengthening relationships and establishing a strong, positive perception of the university.


Tulane University, like an individual, has a personality with certain traits. When you craft content with these traits in mind and draw guidance from our Messaging Map, you’ll be able to authentically convey the Tulane brand in communications. Each of our brand’s personality traits has been deliberately chosen because it reflects our university’s spirit.

The language that expands on these six traits is less like a dictionary definition and more like an expression of how these ideas shape the tone of our communications and guide our brand voice.

blazing trails and pushing beyond what’s comfortable

resilient, undaunted by barriers

energetic and imaginative, rallying around passions

motivated by commitment and intention

uninhibited, colorful and free of constraints

worldly, open to and embracing differences