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Degree Abbreviations

Active Degrees
AA - Associate of Arts
ARM - Five-year Master of Architecture
AS - Associate of Science
BA - Bachelor of Arts
BAR - Bachelor of Architecture
BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts
BPH - Bachelor of Science in Public Health
BS - Bachelor of Science
BSE - Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSM - Bachelor of Science in Management
CER - Certificate
DPH - Doctor of Public Health
DSC - Doctor of Science
DSW- Doctor of Social Work
JD - Juris Doctor
LLM - Master of Laws
LMA - Master of Laws in Admiralty
LMI - Master of Laws in International and Comparative Law
MA - Master of Arts
MAC - Master of Accounting
MAR - Master of Architecture
MBA - Master of Business Administration
MD - Doctor of Medicine
MEL - Master Laws in Energy and Environmental Law
MFA - Master of Fine Arts
MFN - Master of Finance
MGM - Master of Global Management
MHA - Master of Health Administration
MLA - Master of Liberal Arts
MME - Master of Management in Energy
MMG - Master of Management
MPH - Master of Public Health
MPR - Master of Professional Studies
MPS - Master of Preservation Studies
MPT - Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
MS - Master of Science
MSP - Master of Science in Public Health
MSR - Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development
MSW - Master of Social Work
PBC - Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
PHD - Doctor of Philosophy
SJD - Doctor of Juridical Science

Inactive Degrees
BBS - Bachelor of Business Studies
BGS - Bachelor of General Studies
BMT - Bachelor Medical Technology
BPA - Bachelor of Professional Accountancy
BPE - Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
BSC - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
BSN - Bachelor of Science, Nursing
BSW - Bachelor of Social Work
DEN - Doctor of Engineering
MAD - Master of Applied Development and Health
MAL - Master of American Business Law
MAT - Master of Arts, Teaching
MCL- Master of Comparative Law
ME - Master of Education
MEG - Master of Engineering
MMM - Master of Medical Management
MMS - Master of Medical Science
MOR - Master of Operations Research
MSE - Master of Science in Engineering
MSC - Master of Science in Computer Science
MCS - Master of Computer Science
MVL - Master of Civil Law