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Our Creative Team are problem-solvers, storytellers, innovators, and strategists. They can help you and your team lead the way with compelling designs and communication pieces that embody the ambitious spirit of Tulane. Our scope of work includes brand strategy development and implementation; communications audits and assessments; coordinated digital, print and experiential storytelling and positioning; and ad campaigns, including TV, digital and print communication.


Need help with the design of a print piece, or other creative assets for your department? Our creative team can help you design and produce a wide range of print and digital projects to help bring your Tulane story to life. Our scope of work includes:

  • Photography and video
  • Printed and digital marketing materials
  • Major university announcements, programs and events
  • University visual identity and branding across campus
Photography & Video

Tulane University Communications & Marketing has two fulltime photographers on staff who regularly shoot for Tulane Today, Tulanian magazine, the university website, social media, and other publications and projects. We make some of this high-resolution photography available to wider university community through ResourceSpace, and can on occasion assist other university departments with their photography needs. We also can occasionally assist in video shoots and production, and can help you find a local professional videographer. For photo requests, please contact your department’s Communications team.

You can look through our photography database of photos curated form our own photographers as well as freelance photographers hired for special events. Some photos are available for print and web, but permission must be granted for most photos. Apply for an account on ResourceSpace. If you have any questions about photo use, please email creative@tulane.edu.

Please note, many photos are uploaded raw. If you need a photo for a Tulane publication or website, please contact creative@tulane.edu to request color corrections.

For information on Photo Release Guidelines please click here.


Marketing Communications

We deliver compelling communications and marketing plans that drive results for our university partners. Our team of experienced professionals can help you craft innovative communications and marketing solutions to bring impactful, positive outcomes to your current project. We can work with you across a number of areas, including brand strategy development and implementation, coordinated print and digital marketing, social media, and web and digital strategy.

Digital Marketing

In collaboration with our Social Media and Web Communications teams, we lead high-level university communications and projects. We will work with you to create an effective communications strategy that includes email marketing, social media engagement, digital advertising, brand development and more.

Social Media

Our team maintains the university’s primary social media accounts and can assist your department in developing your social media presence. We offer consulting services to help you analyze and improve the success of your social media communications and can share our knowledge of the latest tips, tricks, trends and tools.

Join our regular Tweet-Up meetings to find out more about best practices and all that's going on with social media in higher education. For more information please contact Marianna Boyd at mbarry1@tulane.edu.

Web Communications

Our Web Communications team manages the development and design of the Tulane brand across Tulane’s websites, in addition to our content management and email communication tools. We can advise on best practices for optimizing your content for readability and SEO, and how to make your website accessible and user friendly.



Public Relations

Our award-winning team of public relations experts and writers tells the story of Tulane’s global-impacting research, cross-disciplinary scholarship, and other compelling stories happening within the Tulane community.

We offer a variety of communications services to deliver news that is timely and relevant and serve as the primary point of contact for external media.

Join our regular staff communications meetings to learn more about all that's going on around campus. For more information please email pr@tulane.edu.

News and Media

Our public relations team responds to media queries and works with a network of journalists to share the Tulane story across the globe. We write and distribute press releases about university news and can provide media training to help you prepare for media interviews.

If you have a potential story that you’d like us to promote, please Tell Us Your News.

Tulanian Magazine

Produced by our team of experienced writers and editors each quarter, the Tulanian highlights how students, alumni, friends and faculty are changing the world.

Subscribe to Tulanian magazine here.

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Tulane Today

Tulane Today, our daily e-newsletter, is the primary source of news for the Tulane community. It arrives weekday mornings via email, offering timely, entertaining, and educational articles about the work and accomplishments of Tulane faculty, staff, students and alumni. Subscribe here to keep up with what’s happening on campus.

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Our public relations team serves as both an internal news bureau and Tulane’s direct connection to the external news media.

For Faculty & Staff

To elevate Tulane’s reputation as an internationally recognized teaching and research institution, we build partnerships across the campus community. Our faculty experts provide important context and perspective to journalists on everything from breaking news to the latest scientific discoveries. We pitch our experts to national reporters on a daily basis. If there is a trending news topic in your area of expertise and you would like to be included in our expert news outreach, please let us know at pr@tulane.edu.

For Journalists

Our team responds to media inquiries, shares official media statements and speaks on behalf of Tulane University. We also assist journalists who wish to visit our campus and connect them with faculty experts to serve as interview sources.

Our faculty experts are eager to respond to journalists. The profiles here will help you find the best expert for your story.

On deadline? Please let us know at pr@tulane.edu, and we will respond with haste.

On Good Authority

Our new biweekly podcast, On Good Authority, features lively discussions with Tulane experts about a variety of leading issues in the news. Our experts explain an issue, answer challenging questions and help listeners better understand what’s important. Subscribe wherever you listen.