Brand Platform

This Brand Platform was developed in 2019-2020 by building on the previous foundational work completed in 2016. It is informed by external marketing research and includes insights from hundreds of individuals in the Tulane community. Like all truly effective strategies, it is at once authentic – reflecting the long-standing character of the institution, and aspirational – inspiring the community to grow.

The purpose of this refreshed and expanded Brand Platform is to increase the awareness and improve the perception and reputation of Tulane – locally, nationally and globally. This will support recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students; raise the research profile of the university; and enhance fundraising efforts. A strong brand is truly “the rising tide that lifts all boats.”


Our Mission

The development of our Brand Platform begins with Tulane’s mission:

Tulane’s purpose is to create, communicate and conserve knowledge in order to enrich the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to think, to learn and to act and lead with integrity and wisdom.

How do we activate that mission?

We help put this mission statement into practice by setting an institutional strategy and aligning our community — stakeholders and communicators — around a singular focus and mindset.

The Tulane University brand needs to be a reflection of the character, culture and passionate drive of the institution — the very elements that underpin its mission statement.

While this brand strategy is managed by the Office of University Communications & Marketing, school and departmental alignment and consistency, which is in the best interest of all, is the responsibility of all units and individuals in the Tulane community.


Why Now?

Tulane University is on the move.

We must seize the opportunity to promote the vibrancy and critical importance of the university, delivering a core message: that Tulane will improve lives locally and globally while it transforms into a world-class research and academic destination — unique and
unparalleled in higher education.

Leading with purpose

Tulane provides a purposeful experience — addressing problems that are rooted in its founding and critical to its community and world. We are ready to write a new chapter in our story, where incredible progress and academic achievement fuel dramatic improvements to society.

Why it matters

Tulane’s message must be provocative, memorable and differentiating, explaining to the world why this particular institution matters. Doing so will raise the profile, the reputation and the impact of the university, while providing the structure and tools for every member of the Tulane family to introduce this singular brand idea.


Useful Tips

Keep these tips in mind as you create communications.

Avoid clichés.
Tulane's work is original and unique — our communications should be, too.

Speak to your audience.
Every story must contain an element of interest, improvement or impact. Make sure that within each story you consider the placement, the reader and why they would care.

Make it enjoyable.
Vary the cadence within the communications. Mix short sentences with longer ones.

Headlines have it all.
A headline should be more than a clever line. It's what will entice the reader to go deeper into our content, so it's important to make them exciting, relevant, surprising and engaging.

Make it Tulane.
At Tulane, you don't have to look far for compelling stories with an interesting twist. Use them. Outcomes mean everything.

Every story has the potential for an inspiring result, a concrete example or a goal achieved. Even pure research leads to new possibilities and break throughs. Don't forget to include this vital aspect in communications.

Make it true.
Back up statements with proof points. Share real honest stories of the work we're doing. Use quotes when applicable to bring a voice to the story.

Brand poster

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