Logos & Licensing

The university seal, which has been retired from general use, is reserved for official correspondence from the university president and should never be used by any other administrative or academic unit.

Tulane reintroduced the "Angry Wave" athletics logo in 2016, after a 19 year hiatus. Both the "Angry Wave" and "T Wave" logos are for official athletics use only and unavailable for administrative or academic use. For guidelines and permission to use the athletics logos, contact Jana Woodson in Athletics Communications.

Either the official shield and wordmark or, at a minimum, the Tulane University horizontal wordmark by itself, should appear prominently on all external publications and mailings. The official shield and wordmark in Tulane green must appear prominently on all Tulane websites and other electronic publications.

There are applications in which the TU shield can be used as a graphic element by itself. In printed material, the shield can be used alone as a design element but the Tulane University horizontal wordmark should be printed elsewhere in the same piece. For promotional materials such as cups and key chains, the TU shield can be used by itself but when practical the wordmark can be included on a reverse side or other position. Refer to the guidelines detailed in the usage and restrictions page for more information on sizing, proper spacing, etc. Other graphic elements are also available in the branding style guide and can be downloaded through ResourceSpace.

For guidelines and permission to use university logos and wordmarks, contact Carmen Sarduy in University Communications and Marketing.