Power Point Templates

Tips for successful presentations:

  • Know your audience, as it will dictate what kind and how much information to share.
  • Keep it simple. Use minimal content on each slide to get your message across. Don't use too many bullet lines on a single slide—break it up into more than one slide if you have more information to include.
  • Keep it brief. Though some audiences may require more information, the more slides you use, the more you risk losing your audience. Use chapter title slides to break up content into smaller sections.
  • Maintain a cohesive train of thought and message flow.
  • Use visuals like charts and graphics only if it enhances the message—don't use generic clipart. Don't use graphics or images with white boxes around them. Use .png files with transparent backgrounds or use the "Remove Background" in the picture formatting toolbar to create a transparent background.
  • Use color and animation carefully. Flashy slide transitions, animation elements or sound effects can detract from your message. If using transitions, pick something subtle and use the one effect throughout the presentation.

Using Tulane templates:

  • Copy and paste the template slides to accommodate the information you have and slide types you will need.
  • Starting with photography title slides helps grab your audience's attention.
  • Do use the space inside the shield outlines to highlight a relevant website url or email address.
  • Use the "blank" template layout when you need to use graphics or images that will run over the shield logo or outline.

Make Way PowerPoint Template

Make Way PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)


Crisp Linen PowerPoint Template

Crisp Linen PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)


Oak Leaf PowerPoint Template

Oak Leaf PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)



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