School and Degree Abbreviations

Key to Schools
SLA (School of Liberal Arts)
SSE (School of Science and Engineering)
A (School of Architecture)
B (A. B. Freeman School of Business)
L (Law School)
M (School of Medicine)
SW (School of Social Work)
PHTM (School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine)
SoPA (School of Professional Advancement)
A&S (College of Arts and Sciences, the men’s liberal arts and sciences college that existed until 1994)
TC (Tulane College, the men’s liberal arts and sciences college that existed from 1994 until 2006)
NC (Newcomb College, the women’s liberal arts and sciences college that existed until 2006)
E (School of Engineering)
G (Graduate School)
UC (University College, the school for part-time adult learners. The college’s name was changed to the School of Continuing Studies in 2006.)
SCS (School of Continuing Studies, which changed its name to the School of Professional Advancement in 2017.)


Active Degrees
AA - Associate of Arts
ARM - Five-year Master of Architecture
AS - Associate of Science
BA - Bachelor of Arts
BAR - Bachelor of Architecture
BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts
BPH - Bachelor of Science in Public Health
BS - Bachelor of Science
BSE - Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSM - Bachelor of Science in Management
CER - Certificate
DPH - Doctor of Public Health
DSC - Doctor of Science
DSW- Doctor of Social Work
JD - Juris Doctor
LLM - Master of Laws
LMA - Master of Laws in Admiralty
LMI - Master of Laws in International and Comparative Law
MA - Master of Arts
MAC - Master of Accounting
MAR - Master of Architecture
MBA - Master of Business Administration
MD - Doctor of Medicine
MEL - Master Laws in Energy and Environmental Law
MFA - Master of Fine Arts
MFN - Master of Finance
MGM - Master of Global Management
MHA - Master of Health Administration
MLA - Master of Liberal Arts
MME - Master of Management in Energy
MMG - Master of Management
MPH - Master of Public Health
MPR - Master of Professional Studies
MPS - Master of Preservation Studies
MPT - Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
MS - Master of Science
MSP - Master of Science in Public Health
MSR - Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development
MSW - Master of Social Work
PBC - Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
PHD - Doctor of Philosophy
SJD - Doctor of Juridical Science

Inactive Degrees
BBS - Bachelor of Business Studies
BGS - Bachelor of General Studies
BMT - Bachelor Medical Technology
BPA - Bachelor of Professional Accountancy
BPE - Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
BSC - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
BSN - Bachelor of Science, Nursing
BSW - Bachelor of Social Work
DEN - Doctor of Engineering
MAD - Master of Applied Development and Health
MAL - Master of American Business Law
MAT - Master of Arts, Teaching
MCL- Master of Comparative Law
ME - Master of Education
MEG - Master of Engineering
MMM - Master of Medical Management
MMS - Master of Medical Science
MOR - Master of Operations Research
MSE - Master of Science in Engineering
MSC - Master of Science in Computer Science
MCS - Master of Computer Science
MVL - Master of Civil Law