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The printers listed below are the only two vendors that have been approved by Tulane University to print university stationery items such as letterhead and business cards. These vendors work closely with our publications department to ensure quality control and consistency in design and printing. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the publications office at 504-865-5714.

For Stationery

MPress Printing & Mailing: Order Form
Mary Jane Crist
fax 504-734-5169 

(MPress also prints stationery for Bywater Institute.)

Mele Printing: Online Ordering
You must set up your own username and password by selecting "Customer Login" and then "New User Request" on the left side of the following page; you will receive an e-mail from the system once the account has been activated (for any questions/concerns, you may reach the support department at 985-801-6153).
Kevin Chiapetta
fax 985-893-2679

For Name Badges & Mailing Labels

Jester Company:
Robin Arnold
fax 336-545-0700

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Interdepartmental correspondence: fax format*
Interdepartmental correspondence: letterhead format* - not to be used as external stationery

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