Brand Strategy & Tone

The Brand Platform consists of our Brand Strategy — purpose, tone and messaging pillars; and Brand Guidelines — logo identity system, typography, color palette, graphic elements and digital content.


Brand Purpose

When thinking about a powerful way to position and guide our brand, we look at what we already know and apply these truths to an internal strategic platform to help guide external communication.

Unconventional attitude & outsized ambition drive uncommon results.

Tulanians are innovators who embrace their uniqueness and unite behind an unflinching purpose. Fueled by the urgent and pressing needs faced by its region, Tulane crafts innovative solutions that bring lasting impact and change. This distinctive attitude and ambition melds with the unparalleled cultural backdrop of New Orleans, making Tulane a world-class research university that drives uncommon results in everything it does.


Brand Tone

When developing communications, these carefully chosen tone words help define how the brand sounds — the sentiment behind the message. Use these tone words as a general guide to convey a cohesive brand story and maintain consistency in our communications. It is not necessary to use all of them at once — it is better to select a couple to provide mood and character.

Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination

Relentlessly compelled by the need to accomplish a goal; very hardworking and ambitious

Having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others

Not limited in anyway

Having a lot of variety and, therefore, interesting

Having or showing assurance and self-reliance


Messaging Pillars

Messaging pillars support our overall brand messaging and brand strategy, and help university communicators identify priority topics. These messaging pillars can help your communication pieces reinforce Tulane University’s place as a world-class research and teaching institution, one that is purpose-driven, service-oriented, and interdisciplinary in its approach, while being embedded in one of the most culturally engaging cities in the world.

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